Asian Law and Economics Association Annual Conference 2022

1018 법과경제연구센터 포스터-저용량

October 21 (Friday)
Passcode: 221021

Keynote Speech
James Robinson
University of Chicago
“The State and Korean Industrialization”

Antitrust 1 Session
“Who Cares about Consumers? Evidence from FTC Enforcement Actions”
Changmin Lee (Hanyang University), Hyunho Lee (Hanyang University), Sungjin Ahn (KAIST)
“Fresh start policies and small business activity: evidence from a natural experiment”
Marco Celentani (Universidad Carlos III), Miguel García-Posada, (Banco de España), Fernando Gómez Pomar (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
“Economic Analysis in Competition Law Enforcement in Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa: Empirical Comparative Research”
Svetlana Golovanova (National Research University Higher School of Economics), Eduardo Pontual Ribeiro (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), and Svetlana Avdasheva (National Research University Higher School of Economics)

October 22 (Saturday)
Passcode: 221022

Special Lecture
Daniel Chen
World Bank and Toulouse School of Economics
“Data Science for Justice: Reducing Market-Level Constraints to Economic Development”

How to Publish Law and Economics Research
Jeong-Yoo Kim (Kyung Hee University, the Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Journal of Law and Economics), Chair
Kong-Pin Chen (Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica)
Miguel García-Posada (Banco de España)
Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska (University of Warsaw)

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