Call for Papers: Asian Journal of Law and Economics

Special Issue
Law and Economics of ChatGPT and Large Language Models
DEADLINE: 1 September 2023

Asian Journal of Law and Economics (AJLE) invites submissions for an upcoming special issueon“Law and Economics of ChatGPT and Large Language Models.” Accepted papers will be published in a special issue in December 2023. The special issue will be handled by a guest editor, Dennis W. K. Khong (Multimedia University, Malaysia).

Relevant Topics
ChatGPT and generative artificial intelligence tools using large language models have recently exhibited abilities close to what we typically perceive as artificial general intelligence (AGI). Artificial intelligence developers have successfully developed natural language understandingtoolsthat can perform diverse tasks such as machine translation, reading comprehension, question answering and summarization abilities. This has raised the public’s alarm that artificial intelligence tools can potentially displace numerous existing jobs. Also, the public fears these tools in the wronghands may be used for nefarious purposes. This special issue aims to provide a platform for researchers to publish articles on these issues, including but not limited to the law and economic aspects of the following:
– ChatGPT, BERT and pre-trained models
– Large language models
– Artificial general intelligence
– Natural language understanding
– Job displacement because of AI
– Universal Basic Income
– AI governance and regulation

Guidelines for Submission
1. Submission should follow the guidelines available at AJLE’s website:
2. An abstract of not more than 150 words should accompany each manuscript. The abstract should briefly state the research’s purpose, principal results, and major conclusions.
3. For inquiries, please e-mail

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